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Joy Scott

About the Author

Joy Scott is an author, a successful entrepreneur, a lifelong student of psychology and spirituality, and a re-born activist. She is dedicated to bringing a new national awareness of the power of spirit and cooperation to heal ourselves and America, and to writing entertaining and inspiring stories crossing time and space, probing how we can find answers to the challenges of our own lives.

Her professional and personal life work has focused on the intersection of science and spirituality, and how science demonstrates the power of consciousness and intention. She helped develop the educational programs introducing the concept of holistic health – mind-body-spirit – to the medical community, while Director of Education at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. Clinic. She collaborated with producers in Hollywood to gain audiences for the scientific work of physicists Stephen Hawking and Fritjof Capra, and its relationship to human consciousness. Through a decades-long career in health care, she has helped launch innovations to improve the well-being of those who may be mentally or physically ill and those who may not have access to care due to barriers of social injustice and discrimination.

She currently curates and hosts “Conversations with...” a series of talks with leaders in the field of science, spirituality, and social justice with a focus on empowering individuals to create the world we all want.

Joy is an experienced writer who has published hundreds of articles through her business, the popular blog “Einsights” on communication, and the Magenta Nation blog on the quest for spiritual solutions and inspiration. She also hosts the Magenta Nation podcast series, a fact-based look at controversial issues presented so that listeners can form their own opinions.

Her first three books are: "Magenta Nation,” a handbook for healing ourselves and healing America, “Love or Loyalty," a historical novel on the Civil War and its aftermath, and “Love Eternal... One More Time”, the story of an extended family helping each other in life and after death.

Her recent article published in the magazine “Venture Inward,” presents the empowering concepts of “Magenta Nation” and a practical process for setting and achieving the vision of a new world.

She earned her M.B.A at the University of  California, Los Angeles, and her Master’s in Psychology from Arizona State University. She has studied at dozens of spiritual and New Thought conferences, participated in life at the Findhorn ecovillage, and is the Los Angeles coordinator for Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. After growing up in the Midwest and being raised by a family with its roots in the South, she currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband, two children, and dog.

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