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Love or Loyalty book cover

“Love or Loyalty,” a novel of love, loss and reconciliation.

"An expansive view of how the American Civil War shaped the generation of Southerners who survived it... Scott ably shows how people cling to ideas, and how difficult it can be to lay the past at rest." - Kirkus Reviews

As states and families face off against each other at the start of the Civil War, three strong-willed characters are caught up in what is to be a lifelong personal battle:

  • Zack, passionately loyal to his home, his family, and the Confederacy
  • Charles, a charming Southern businessman of dubious honor who is nevertheless drawn to the idealism of the North
  • Lenie, an independent young woman dedicated to justice, healing, and her goal to become one of the first female physicians in America.

Misunderstandings, deceit, and shocking twists of fate disrupt their lives, their romances, and their futures until the Great Flood in Galveston in 1900 brings everything to a  climax.

Are their paths determined by their will, their actions, or by their ability to accept and forgive? You decide.

What readers say:
“A beautifully written story about the drama of the Civil War and after, with a formidable female character breaking barriers before they were recognized as barriers.” – Barbara

“I could not put this book down! “Love or Loyalty” is eloquent, imaginative and full of twists and turns. It was fascinating and moving to see these characters change and grow through such dramatic times. This story needs to be on told on the big screen!” – Jeanne

"An elegantly written saga of grace and redemption that compares to the classic, “Gone With The Wind,” as the story follows four generations of the Lewis clan from Civil War-era Virginia to 20th-century Texas." – Sherree

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