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magenta nation ebook cover

"Magenta Nation" - A handbook for healing ourselves and healing our country.

Learn how to heal and awaken your own spirituality, and how to influence others in our country and our world with intentionality, prayer, dialogue, and service with the newest book from author Joy Scott.

“Deftly lays out a “New Vision of America” . . . argues that not only individual acts but also intentional , conscious thoughts themselves can change the United States’ political climate. The intent is for Americans of both major political persuasions to see the humanity in the other side – something far too lacking in today's discourses.” - Kirkus Reviews

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“Love or Loyalty,” a novel of love, loss and reconciliation.

"Love or Loyalty" - How families and lovers follow their beliefs, finding peace or heartbreak, from the Civil War through the Great Flood of Galveston in 1900.

"An expansive view of how the American Civil War shaped the generation of Southerners who survived it... Scott ably shows how people cling to ideas, and how difficult it can be to lay the past at rest." - Kirkus Reviews

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Love or Loyalty book cover
Love Eternal One More Time book cover

“Love Eternal... One More Time," a novel of love, loss, and reincarnation.

"Love Eternal... One More Time" - how two young lovers, separated by death, can reunite with the help of friends and family, on both sides of the veil. An inspiring and humorous look at how souls on earth and the afterlife still connect and shape their destinies.

"A lively, fast-paced tale of life, death, and reincarnation." - Kirkus Reviews

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