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We live in a historic time, rife with challenges and opportunities. Rather than be carried along by these circumstances, we can take charge, come together and create the world we want.

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  • World-renowned thought leaders in science, spirituality, and social action to share their wisdom with us
  • Young artists and change agents to inspire us
  • Community discussions to find our individual and group paths to change

You can view the video recording of our latest program, "Conversations With... Dr. Norman Shealy" a neurosurgeon, Cayce expert, holistic health pioneer, and renowned researcher into intuitive and energy medicine. Dr. Shealy shared with us the practical tools we can use to achieve health and longevity.

You can view the video recording of our inaugural program with Stephan A. Schwartz below to hear how we can influence the times in which we live for the better, harnessing the power of spiritual intention and service.


2021 Winter Program Series

Announcing our winter programming for "Conversations With..." our monthly series that brings renowned experts and leaders to speak and answer your questions on important topics related to body, mind and spirit the Cayce way, with additional insights from research, science, and New Age thought.

For this season's programs, we are focusing on health. Here's our calendar of events!

"Conversations With... Dr. Linda Larkey"
(February 21, 5PM PT)

dr. larkey profileDr. Larkey is a nationally known health promotion expert, college professor,  and researcher in integrative medicine. She draws from her experience at the A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce) Clinic and what research tells us are the most effective ways to apply those concepts to live a healthy, joyous and gratitude-filled life. A dynamic, compassionate speaker and teacher who makes complex information simple and inspiring.

Read more and register HERE.

"Conversations With... Marianne Splenda on Essential Cayce Remedies for Health and Longevity"
(March 21, 5PM PT)

Marianne Splenda profileLearn the 10 most important Cayce remedies you can use now to improve health – body, mind and spirit – and build your immune system, from expert Marianne Splenda, A.R.E. Board member, Coordinator of the Northern California A.R.E., and longtime Cayce scholar and researcher.

Read more and register HERE

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Other A.R.E Events

"Achieving Oneness in Divisive Times - Bringing Your Inner World Into the 'Real' World" with Joy Scott and Patrick Belisle - Presentation Now Available!

Presented by:

edgar cayce's A.R.E.

Especially during these trying times, the Cayce readings give us invaluable guidance to advance our own spiritual growth, and they urge us to act on what we’ve learned by applying it in our daily lives. This interactive presentation will show you how to use this same guidance to achieve Oneness – within yourself and also within your community and our world. Cayce’s guidance is clear: each of us has karma, our families have karma, our nations have karma. We are responsible not only for what we think and do as individuals but in how we treat each other as groups. Patrick and Joy offers you a path of hope, and you can now view their presentation in it's entirety below. Allow them to guide your toward attaining Oneness at every level, using tools like meditation, prayer, visualization, ideal-setting, and being of service to change our world.

Patrick BelislePatrick Belisle, director of philanthropy at A.R.E. since 2006, is a mystic, a teacher, and a spiritual world traveler. He and his wife Jane spent four years wandering North America and the world. He lived with Buddhist monks in Thailand, taught meditation and dream work at A.R.E. Camp for 14 years, and has practiced hypnotherapy since 1999. He is on the Advisory Board for Ian Stevenson’s Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia where they are world experts on researching the nature of consciousness. Patrick is known for his ability to present complex concepts in practical terms, blending his joyful humor with deep substance to help others find meaning and inspiration.

Joy ScottJoy Scott, MBA, MC, is a 40-year A.R.E. member and currently the Los Angeles area volunteer coordinator for A.R.E. She is a lifelong spiritual student and seeker, and is the author of three books, including Magenta Nation: Pathway to Unity. Her passion is creating peace through shared intentions and acts of service.


Click the image below to view the slides presented at "Achieving Oneness in Divisive Times"

achieving oneness in divisive times event

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