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About Magenta Nation

"Magenta Nation," a path to healing ourselves, and our nation.

“Deftly lays out a “New Vision of America” . . . argues that not only individual acts but also intentional, conscious thoughts themselves can change the United States’ political climate. The intent is for Americans of both major political persuasions to see the humanity in the other side – something far too lacking in today's discourses.” - Kirkus Reviews

Hope for America.

If you are concerned, frustrated, or even frightened about our country today, this is the book to give you hope, insight, and a roadmap to make positive change. Throughout history, transformation has occurred when small, dedicated groups of people set seemingly impossible goals - and then made history happen. This is one of those times. Based on the power of intention, "Magenta Nation" will help you define your vision for yourself, your community, your nation and your world, and to find and create "Third Force", out-of-the-box pathways that unite us towards a common goal.

What Readers Are Saying

"This is a short book, but one that is worth the read in order to get your own thoughts in order. I'm an extremely political guy who loves to debate and loves to be passionate about causes. This book feels designed to help one step back and identify the common reasons for debate, the common ideals in our passions. Want to clear your head a bit? This one will help." - Daniel

"This book should be a text book for High School civics. The author shows a clear path for a bright and functional future of our democracy." - LMW

"Joy Scott's book Magenta Nation is a timely book that can help us use our intellect and our intuition to make the world a better place. She touches on many important and timely issues that generate the very polarized opinions that are in today's headlines. Instead of telling us what to think about one side or another, she provides a workbook style method for examining our own thoughts. By understanding ourselves and our opinions, we can better understand those who hold different opinions. She also stresses the power of intention and suggests ways we can apply it to help our community move toward the ideal of being One Nation. The book is well documented with valuable footnotes so you can understand where some of the information comes from." - Thomas

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