Encourage Those Close To You To Vote

Want to encourage people to vote?

You can create thousands of reminders to vote, and earn funds for your organization at the same time.

This “Magenta Nation” initiative is totally non-profit; all proceeds above the cost of the merchandise and the website is donated – to you, if you are a participating sponsor.  Our online store now offers a range of items encouraging people to vote. The wording is all non-partisan, and focuses on the action of  voting. Below you will also find free congratulatory cards for young people and first-time voter, and when they register to vote for the first time.

The goal is to create walking billboards of people wearing and using the merchandise, reinforcing to those who see them about how important it is to take this important action. The prompts will be seen in schools, grocery stores, retail outlets, hair salons, and other essential businesses – reaching many individuals who have not voted before and who may not be inclined to vote. Those who are wearing or using the merchandise are of course, reminded to vote as well.

get out and vote graphic

Here’s how it works for your organization:

  1. You will be given a promotional code for everyone in your organization to use when placing your order.

2. You agree to make the announcement to your organization, through e-mails, newsletter items, social media posts, and to ask your members and supporters to share your organization’s participation in this project with their friends, families and networks.

3. As orders come in with your promotional code, you will be issued a quarterly accounting statement and check.

Want to congratulate a newly registered voter or first-time voter? Download these free e-cards to share with the first-time voter in your life:

vote card #1

vote card #2

vote card #3

vote card #4

You can see the items and place an order here. If you’re interested, let us know by filling out the form below and we will get you started in this win-win, civic-minded and patriotic project.