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MN Project Flyer

The Magenta Nation Project

Be part of a dedicated group to use the power intention and prayer to change the course of our nation.

About this event

Too often, we get caught up in worry and fear about our present day situation, and neglect using the most powerful tool we have to fix it: our own abilities as co-creators to create the kind of society and future we want.

“Thoughts are things,” as the mystic Edgar Cayce has said many times, and nothing takes place in the physical that has not first been conceived in the mind, and sparked by the creative force of spirit. Science now confirms that consciousness is “non local,” that is, it is not confined to a brain or heart but is universal, AND our thoughts and emotions influence this universal consciousness and its physical manifestation.

You are invited to participate in a year long experiment, to change the course of America using these creative powers.

How It Works

On January 9, 2022 at 5PM Pacific time, we’ll spend an hour together remotely, setting the ideal we want for America, learning the techniques of visualization, of communication to build unity, and the importance of service.

Then, the second Sunday of each month, again at 5 p.m. Pacific, we will spend 30 minutes, remotely, visualizing our intention, focusing on a particular cause that will help to heal our country and our world, sharing experiences of the last month, and opportunities for service.

During the month, you are asked to visualization your intention as reality, once a day.

This program is free. All sessions are recorded so that if you are unable to make one, you can listen to it later.

During the year, we’ll note progress in our journey and assess the results at the end of the year.

If you are called to this mission, please join us. Register today. And if you would like to discuss more about the program, please call Joy Scott at 818-610-0270 to talk about it.

We are so excited to start this voyage of empowerment!


  • Date: January 9, 2022 (subsequent meetings held the second Sunday of every month through January, 2023)
  • Time: 5PM Pacific
  • Location: Virtual (Zoom)
  • Cost: FREE

Register today, and please mark your calendars about this event!

Register Today!