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Love Eternal One More Time book cover

“Love Eternal... One More Time," a novel of love, loss, and reincarnation.

"A lively, fast-paced tale of life, death, and reincarnation." - Kirkus Reviews

Teenagers Ronnie and Julie were meant to be together   – until a fatal accident separated them. But all was not lost. On the other side, and on earth, family members join together to reunite the two lovers. From the Camelot era  through the turbulent 60’s, during the Reagan years on to the tumultuous world of rap, grunge, and gangs, this star-crossed couple must overcome the barriers that keep them apart, in this life, the afterlife, and even in distant past lives. “Ghost” meets “Forest Gump” in this often humorous, often heartbreaking story.

What readers say: 
"Seeing life as a bridge between lives was a new perspective and a different type of story – almost like a fable as this family  learns their lessons and grow along the way." ­– Lisa

“This fresh approach to reincarnation takes you on an amusing and thought-provoking time trip through her rich characters’ lives and rebirths, always faithful to a sense of time and place.  Clever themes and laugh-out-loud dialogue will have you looking at life, death, and the meaning of it all one more time!" – Alicia

"Definitely an unusual read. Grabbed my funny bone as well as my curiosity from the very beginning. Written as a novel with some script-like twists (ya gotta read it to see what I mean), I was carried into this intergenerational/interterrestial-cosmic domain story with a great deal of interest in "what happens next".  Loved this book, the IDEA of this book, and the multiple interwoven stories and surprises along the way." – Linda

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