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The Third Force in Communication – An Excerpt from Magenta Nation

Yes, we can communicate and come together despite our differences. Read this excerpt from the book, “Magenta Nation: A Path to Healing Ourselves and Our Nation” by Joy Scott…

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The Third Force in Communication

Here’s where the idea of the “Third Force” comes in. Arguments can go back and forth, back and forth, like a tennis ball being lobbed over a net. It goes on forever. There is no end. UNLESS along comes a completely different option – a new idea, a brainstorm – the Third Force. The Third Force is a major theme and solution in this book. Let’s apply it to one area – language.

Here’s a lexicon of divisive terms that are deeply believed by each group, and terms that can replace them because they reflect our common values.

Patriarchs Communitarians The Third Force Bridge
Law and order Oppression and Fascism Safety
Capitalism Tyranny of the wealthy Opportunity, productivity, economic prosperity
Handouts and welfare The social safety net Investing in all our people/Protecting our human capital
Save the wealth for us today and tomorrow Share the wealth Invest in America, for today and tomorrow
Taxes and big government The social safety net Invest in our society and in developing shared resources
The free market of health care Medicare for all A healthy America
Protection from immigrants who may be terrorists, and who sap our economy Give everyone a chance A safe and fair immigration system with obligations on immigrants
Pay for your college Free college Invest in affordable education with obligations on the students who receive it
Less government Big government Responsible, accountable government
Losing my rights Affirmative action A fair deal for everybody
Giving in Compromise A new type of leadership
Be practical Be generous Be fair
Losing my power Sacrificing my principles Finding the right solutions for everyone
Losing America Betraying America Find the true America of our dreams
Individual freedom Individual justice Individual responsibility
Republican Democrat American

OK, let’s get real. There are people on the fringes of these belief systems who will never change, and this book won’t fix that. But there are enough people in the middle, maybe leaning one way or the other, people who can take a step closer to those they perceive as being on the other side, and come together to find a way to move forward. Let’s not call them the moral majority, or the silent majority, but the new leaders – those who want a future for our country and our people and know that we have to work to get there.

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