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Learning to Talk to Each Other – An Excerpt from Magenta Nation

So if our differences in thought and behavior may be part of our biology, how do we bridge that chasm to come to a common agreement? Find out how in this excerpt from the book, “Magenta Nation: A Path to Healing Ourselves and Our Nation” by Joy Scott…

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Learning to Talk to Each Other

Author George Lakoff’s view is that we need to change the way we talk about issues, to find terminology that appeals to both groups so people will hear each other. Communication is not all cerebral – we are not half-Vulcan like “Star Trek’s” Dr. Spock. Hitting someone’s emotional centers with terms that are inflammatory to them is likely to derail any dialogue and opportunity for cooperation.

This is more than an exercise in finding the right terms – it’s speaking in terms that reflect common values.

And what are our common values? Yes, we do have them. They exist in my family. They would be espoused by those with differing views around the Thanksgiving dinner table. And they are subscribed to by patriarchs and communitarians alike. What are they? 

  • We love our families.
  • We love our country.
  • We want to live meaningful lives.
  • We are inherently kind, generous and fair.
  • We are pragmatic – this is Planet Earth and solutions must work in the real world.
  • We believe that by acting together, we can overcome obstacles.
  • We believe in liberty and justice for all. 
  • We are souls, seeking our true selves and something more meaningful than our physical existence.
  • We share ideas of humanitarianism and morality that we want to see in our lives and in our country.

So, how to bridge the divide?

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