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The Other Big Lie (Hint: It’s the Economy)

Economic truth

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The business community has long supported the Republican party as the champions of a strong economy. But, surprise – the facts don’t support this deeply held belief:

  • Job growth has been more than double under Democratic administrations, versus Republican ones, since World War II.
  • Unemployment has been 15% higher under Republican presidents than Democrats, since 1962.
  • The Gross Domestic Product has grown 75% more under Democrats than Republicans since 1962.
  • During this same period, growth in business investment has been 126% higher under Democrats than Republicans.

Democrats are roundly criticized and viewed by many as profligate spenders that want to take American’s hard-earned tax dollars and give them away, usually to an “undeserving” poor. However, Democrats are actually more frugal and better stewards of our money:

  • Since 1962, federal spending levels have grown twice as quickly overall under Republicans versus Democrats.
  • Budget deficits for the federal government have been 54 percent higher under Republican administrations than under Democratic ones. Represented as a percentage of the Gross Domestic Product, the deficit is 65% higher under Republicans.
  • Ten of the last eleven recessions in the U.S. have begun during Republican administrations.

As a track record for a group that is supposed to be good at business, this is an abysmal performance: lower profits, lower productivity, higher debt. We all – including businesses – benefit more from the financial policies and fiscal administration under a Democratic regime.

It’s time to re-think these old stereotypes and replace them with reality.

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