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At one point, about one-third of Americans questioned the outcome of the 2020 election because of their belief that voter fraud occurred. Millions of Americans still believe that this election was fraudulent, and that Trump really won. Could that be true?

It is a fact that Trump started talking about potential voter fraud even before the election, creating a groundswell of concern among his supporters. On January 6, 2021, as Biden’s election was to be ratified, a mob stormed the Capitol in the belief that the fraudulent election should be stopped. And the claims of a fraudulent election continue to be prevalent three years later. So, what are the facts? Is there evidence of fraud, or is it disinformation?

1. Findings in a lawsuit against Fox News have revealed that the outlet, while discussing privately that claims of election fraud had no merit, nevertheless broadcast this story repeatedly to its millions of viewers. Fox News is a voice for conservative America and does not attempt to be objective in what it broadcasts. Yet millions of viewers believe that when they watch it, they are consuming “news” that is factual information. The revelations in this defamation lawsuit show that the channel deliberately broadcast information it knew to be false, to keep up ratings and revenues from advertisers. Consequently, the millions of viewers whose opinions on the election were formed by what they saw on Fox, were in fact consuming disinformation.

2. Multiple initiatives were pushed forward in key states to perform recounts, or conduct investigations in the claims of voter fraud. They found no fraud. Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia all held official audits or recounts of the 2020 election, while Pennsylvania and Michigan both ran investigations of widespread voter fraud in their states. The audit in Arizona’s Maricopa County foundthat not only did Joe Biden conclusively win the state’s election, but Donald Trump actually received fewer votes than initially believed. Completed recounts in Wisconsin and Georgia also affirmed Biden’s victory, with Georgia recertifying its results no less than three times. The Republican-led investigation in Michigan officially rejected Trump’s claims that the election was stolen in its report.

Electoral college representatives in these states had all given Trump the majority of their votes in 2016.

It’s worth noting that the state governments in Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia are controlled by Republicans; Pennsylvania has a Democratic governor and Republicans control both houses. So Republicans are verifying that no fraud occurred in their states.

The top Georgia election official, who is a Republican, delivered a point-by-point debunking of claims that videos circulating on social media contained any proof of fraud. A conservative group in Wisconsin published a review that concluded that “there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud. In all likelihood, more eligible voters cast ballots for Joe Biden than Donald Trump.”

3. Lawyers who filed lawsuits challenging vote counts in the courts not only had the suits dismissed, but in some cases were disciplined for bringing frivolous lawsuits to court. In other words, they filed suits with no facts or evidence to back them. One judge ordereda group of attorneys with a failed suit proposing to overturn the election in Michigan to pay about $175,000 to cover the legal fees of their opponents, and recommended grievance proceedings that could result in disbarment. The defense of one such attorney was, “No reasonable person would conclude that the statements (about voter fraud) were truly statements of fact,” admitting that they were her opinions, not based on fact.

4. Trump’s lawyers have begun admitting that they lied in their claims about voter fraud. Several lawsuits brought against the legal counsel representing Donald Trump have led to admissions that these individuals lied about the results of the 2020 election. In March of 2023, Jenna Ellis admitted to “misrepresenting the facts” on social media and television appearances, leading to a public censure. Most recently, in July of 2023, Rudy Giuliani admitted that he made “public comments falsely claiming” that surveillance video showed two election workers in Georgia committing voter fraud.

5. Multiple information sources and legal actions fail to support any allegations of fraud. In the hearings around the January 6th insurrection, those in Trump’s inner circle testified that they told him there was no fraud, and yet he continued to publicly claim there was. Poll workers who were accused of fraudulent acts with no evidence are suing for defamationand for compensation for the threats and dangers to their well-being suffered from these accusations. Funds raised to push the theories of voter fraud were instead used for the fundraising and advertising expenses of those making these claims. Trump’s own attorney general declared there was no fraud.

These intensive investigations on multiple fronts failed to produce evidence of fraud; several of the major purveyors of this theory have been shown to have deliberately lied about it to millions of viewers and the public.

Based on these facts, the conclusion is that election fraud theories about the 2020 Presidential election are not substantiated by evidence.

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