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Are you worried about what’s going on in our country and the world? Well, you’re not alone. Before we get too depressed, however, it’s important to realize that war, corruption, greed, disinformation, and renegade politicians are problems that have been with us for centuries. They are part of the human condition, not exclusive to our time.

And maybe more importantly, behind the headlines there is a LOT of good news that gets overshadowed. Here are five achievements to celebrate this year. Rejoice and be glad!

  1. The economy is strong and vibrant. Our GDP growth was an amazing 5.2% last quarter, up more than 3% in the last few years, and the stock market is nearing an all-time high.
  2. The U.S. recovery from the upheaval of the pandemic and war in the Ukraine is superior to that of any other G7 nations.
  3. The number of uninsured Americans is near a record low and, new business formation and wage growth is high. Inflation has declined over the last two years.
  4.  We have made significant progress in combatting climate change. A major climate-smart economic stimulus package was passed after COVID-19, including a comprehensive set of clean energy incentives from electric vehicles to direct air capture and sequestration of carbon dioxide. The Act also includes provisions protecting us from harmful pollutants.
  5. The Inflation Reduction Act that allowed Medicare to negotiate drug prices will mean more affordable prescription drugs for the people who rely on them the most – vulnerable seniors.

Please share the good news! Our best wishes for the holiday season and a peaceful planet.

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